Welcome To OwnPush

A Secure Push System

OwnPush is a brand new push messaging system targeting not only low power use cases but also making message security a top priority. We make use of our own transport for the push messaging over websockets unlike some other push systems that offload the transport layers onto other systems like GCM.

OwnPush has been created from the ground up to help developers send end-to-end encrypted messages and provide the needed tools to make integration into current applications seamless and easy, all while not using external services (like Google Play Services on Android).

All of the following demo applications require the OwnPush service, this can be downloaded below

OwnPush service download

Demo Applications

To demonstrate how the OwnPush system can be integrated we have constructed 2 simple applications which make use of OwnPush. The first is an RSS scanner and the second is a "one-time password" webservice and application:

RSS Demo

An RSS web service and corresponding android application, the webservice checks the RSS feed (BBC World News) rapidly and when a new item becomes available it is pushed with a link to the android application over OwnPush. The android application then shows the notification to the user. This demo shows the power savings that can be gained by using OwnPush.

APK download
RSS demo app on GitHub
RSS demo server on GitHub

OTP Demo

This demo is constructed from a simple web service and its android application counterpart. This makes use of the secure nature of OwnPush to send fast, safe, and secure passwords to an Android device. After the apk is installed & registered on the android device the user is shown a short, unique device ID that they can enter on a simple web form. On submission of this form the OTP is randomly generated and send to the device securely.

APK download
OTP demo app on GitHub
OTP demo server on GitHub
OTP form